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For Lawyers

"Along with her keen analytical and organizational skills, Candice brings her enthusiasm and drive to every project. Whatever Candice is involved with will reap outstanding results."

James C. Cotey, Attorney at Stites & Harbison, PLLC

Practicing law is tough, whether you're just entering the profession or nearing retirement.  We know from experience.

The recent economic downturn has forced many young lawyers out of the large law firms.  Partners are struggling to develop new business.  Clients are demanding 24/7 access.  And being a good lawyer is no longer just about being a good writer or advocate in the courtroom.    

Statistics relating to drug and alcohol abuse, depression, and suicide suggest that the legal profession is hurting, and a large number of our attorneys are not well . . . let alone thriving . . . which begs the question,
“Is it possible to be happy and be a lawyer at the same time?” 

At Candice Reed Consulting, we think the answer to this question is “YES!”  Scientific research out of the field of positive psychology suggests that there are a number of things that lawyers can do to successfully manage the inherent stressors of their jobs and find pathways to success and well-being. 

Drawing upon this research and Candice's own experience as a lawyer and businesswoman, Candice Reed Consulting offers a variety of services specifically designed to help lawyers and law firms thrive.

• Individual Coaching

• Associate Training & Mentoring Programs

• Business Development Workshops
• Continuing Legal Education (CLE)
• Keynote Addresses

• Career Counseling

• Recruiting and Placement Services
• Outplacement

If you are interested in receiving additional information about any of these services, please send us an email or give Candice a call at 615.708.6330.

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