Candice Reed Consulting

Helping Professionals and Businesses Thrive

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"Candice has a keen ability to understand and evaluate situations in the workplace from a legal and business standpoint.  The thoughtful decisions she makes reflect her business savvy, composure and 'big picture' thinking.  Candice demonstrates the highest work ethic on a daily basis, and she brings out the best in those who have the privilege of working with her.  Lawyers, executives, businesses, and law firms will benefit in many ways from her consulting services.  I highly recommend Candice Reed and Candice Reed Consulting."

                                                           -- Claudia Levy, Director of Career Services at Belmont University College of Law


•  Develop, Implement & Run Associate Training & Mentoring Programs

•  Assist Associates with Client and
Business Development Skills

•  Track Associate Productivity

•  Provide Associates with Constructive Feedback

•  Assess Associates's Strengths & Skills and Teach Them How to Optimize Their 
Potential & Capabilities

•  Suggest Techniques for Increasing Employee Engagement & Productivity

•  Facilitate Meetings

•  Work with Executives on Effective 
    Management Techniques

•  Recruiting & Placement Services

•  Assess Potential New Hires

•  Outplacement

•  Conduct Customer Interviews 

Candice Reed Consulting specializes in helping law firms and other business get the most out of their employees. We specialize in associate training and mentoring programs, allowing organizations to draw upon the existing strengths of their employees to engage them and create an environment of productivity and success (while reducing burn-out and turnover).

We offer a variety of pricing structures.  Please contact us for a free initial consultation to see how we can help your business thrive.

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