At Candice Reed Consulting, we want people to enjoy their jobs and be engaged in their lives.  We don't think it’s about finding the appropriate work-life balance . . . work and life are not opposite ends on a scale. For most of us, work is a part . . . a big part . . . of our lives.  So instead of striving for the appropriate work-life balance, we should be striving to integrate our professional and personal worlds and find opportunities to nurture our well-being in both.

Granted, it’s not always easy (in fact, it may rarely be easy).  The realities of a bad economy and a poor job market often mean that many of us feel trapped either in unemployment or in jobs that we don't like.  Even those of us in jobs of our own choosing are experiencing increased professional expectations, like billable-hour quotas, 24/7 access, and the requirement to bring in new business.  It can seem overwhelming.  The stressors are real, and they are often difficult to manage.  By the end of the work day, it’s hard to muster the energy to go home and greet our families with anything other than a grunt and a quick kiss good-night.

But remember how exciting it used to be to dream about what you wanted to be when you grew up?  Or those first few days in your career when anything seemed possible and the sky was the limit?  You were engaged, you were energized, you were working toward a goal, and you felt good about yourself and the progress you were making.

We want everyone to feel that level of excitement about their jobs . . . and their lives . . . whether they're just starting out or nearing retirement.  For most of us, making a few deliberate, and often simple, changes can help us find ways to engage and re-energize throughout the day and find instances of that ever-allusive happiness at work.  And with happiness comes greater productivity, greater success, and greater well-being (in and outside of the office).

We think change starts with awareness.  What are your strengths and how could you begin to use them more on the job?  Are you mired in negativity?  What are some things that you could start doing right away to lift you out of that quagmire?  What are your goals?  Are you working towards them? How can you draw upon the resources available to you to reach your goals? Does your job foster an environment of community?  Do you feel a sense of belonging?  Does your work matter?  Are you thriving?

Chances are that there is room to do . . . and feel . . . better.  And we want to help you get there.  Thriving isn’t easy, but it is doable . . . and always worth the effort.

Candice Reed Consulting

Helping Professionals and Businesses Thrive

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"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style."
                                                                                                                     -- Maya Angelou


Through a variety of services, from individual coaching to workshops, associate training programs, and recruiting and placement services, Candice Reed Consulting aims to help professionals and businesses thrive.  Drawing upon scientific studies in the field of positive psychology and her own experience as a lawyer and businesswoman, Candice Reed works with professionals and their organizations on issues relating to workplace engagement, career development and transition, professional satisfaction, and business development. 

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